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Laboratory Glassware

City Cat Lab Equipments is one of the biggest science lab glassware exporters in India. Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment, traditionally made of glass, used for scientific experiments and other work in research, science, especially in chemistry and biology laboratories. Our Laboratory glassware equipments are exported with best quality borosilicate and sodalime glass to give the most genuine results. The City Cat brand is not only limited to Indian laboratory glassware market but also worldwide renowned.

Wide Range of Laboratory Glassware

Arsenic, Sulphur, Carbon Determination Glassware

Beakers Borosilicate Glass


Burette Borosilicate Glass


Clinical Laboratory Glassware

Condensers Borosilicate Glass

Culture Flask

Determination Assemblies


Flasks Borosilicate Glass

Fractionating Columns

Glassware for Gases


Interchangeable Ground Joint Assemblies

Joints, Stopper and Adapters Borosilicate Glass

Measuring Cylinders Borosilicate Glass

Measuring/Volumetric Flasks Borosilicate Glass

Miscellaneous Fittings


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